Gift of Hope
Fundraising Luncheon

Thank you for your interest in hosting a table at our 14th Annual Designing Women's Luncheon. Below are some guidelines to follow as a host.

Any lady who would like to sponsor or host a table is welcome to do so. They do not have to be a member of the Raleigh Shrinettes. Ask your friends to become a part of our event by hosting a table along with you.

  1. Selling 10 tickets in advance. If you know of someone who wold like to attend, but your tickets are all sold, please let one of the chairwomen know so they can be seated at another table.
  2. Making 10 name tags (name tags will be provided in your packet). Please remember to bring the name tags with you to the luncheon so each guest will have one.
  3. Select a theme for your table and writing a short description. Use the Table Description form to submit your information. Or you may manually submit via email or hard copy to one of the chairwomen.
  4. Make a table center piece and decorate your table according to your theme. Be creative. Everyone's table will look different and that's the beauty of this luncheon.
  5. Provide each of your table guest with a small token for attending.
  6. Provide a homemade dessert that will serve at least 10 people. Homemade desserts really makes this an enjoyable event.
  7. If possible, provide one (1) door prize for the give away at the end of the presentation. Ask any Shrinettes not hosting a table to help in this area. Provide the door prize already wrapped. Make sure the prize is something you would like to receive at this event.
  8. Setup of your tables will be available to you on Friday, March 24, 2017 after 1:00 PM. Come out and enjoy decorating and watching the different themes come alive.
  9. Remove all of your decorations from the table immediately after the luncheon.

Napkins and tablecloths provided by the club are available only in white. Orders for these table linens must be placed 2 weeks before Luncheon

Thanks so much!

Debbie Britt,